May 20th, 2006


Not off to a great start

Well, this weekend is getting off swimmingly.

I turned on my computer and my Spybot Search and Destroy decided all my cookies and all my bookmarks were spyware and ate them.

All of them.

(sound of head creating divot in table)

So, I'm going to have to recreate (and hopefully remember) where I found around 200 bookmarks.

(Sound of VERY heavy sigh)

The bad part was there were a number of odd little space sites I'd found to use for Star Trek ideas that I have no clue where I found them. You know, those sites you run across, bookmark and then use the bookmark but don't really pay attention to "where" that site is. Yep. One of those situations.


We now return you to your weekend already in progress.
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My heart pines for this meme

Snurtched from wishweaver

You Are A Fir Tree

You love anything beautiful, and you have extraordinary taste.

And while it's hard for you to trust, you care deeply for those close to you.

You are a social butterfly, and you have many friends.

You handle stress well - and you are a master at relaxing after a hard day.

Overall, you are modest, talented, unselfish, and very reliable.

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