May 16th, 2006


Harbinger and Concerts

The daughter-unit had her spring concert this evening. Wow! It was an amazing time. The kids (4th and 5th Grade Choir, 6th Grade Choir and 7th and 8th Grade Choir) put some effort into preparing for the concert and it showed. Although I had a "oh no" moment. Let's face it, when music you used to listen to in college is now being performed at a Middle School Choir concert - you're getting old. Ouch. And, not only was the concert good, it was short. From start to finish, to include getting choirs on and off stage, it was 45 minutes long. Huzzah for not having to sit in hard metal folding chairs for 2.5 hours like the winter concert. I think everyone learned something from that.

Started working on an idea for a Star Trek story I'd like to pitch. Yes, I got out the infamous flow-chart and went to it. I started listing questions . . . why was the character there, what caused the incident, who was involved and why, what does the character do to make writing about him/her important, what's the immediate results, what were the long term results. Those were my headings and then I started adding sub-layers and then trying to carry the sub-layers out to their logical (or sometimes illogical) endings. Once I have everything on paper, I can start deciding which thread I like best, which will add enough drama to the story without overwhelming the overall theme to the story, and which ones are just plain silly. I think I've got a good idea now what I want to pitch, but I'm going to go over my ideas with wishweaver to see what she thinks of my ramblings. She's good at going, "So, your point is . . .?", forcing me to defend my thought process. Highly useful before starting out on a project.

Also, I got started back on Harbinger tonight. I'm keeping the first four chapters for now and started on a completely new Chapter 5 tonight. I thought one character in the book needed to be introduced earlier than he had appeared and have more contact with Raven early on. It's been fun writing in this world again. I like Chronicles, but Raven's world is rapidly becoming my favorite milieu.

So, with the rewrite, I know I don't want to exceed 100,000 words, so I picked up the word count with Chapter 5. However, as we go further into the story, you may see the word count bar take major jumps. Those will be when I incorporate stuff from the first draft into this one. But, I'm hoping to get some kind of progress at least five nights a week.

Also, I'm listening to a new music station on It's called In Dark Faith Eternal and it specializes in Darkwave, Ethereal, Gothic, Neo-Classical songs, primarily with female artists. Very nice and very easy to write to this style of music. A little break from the Anime/J-Pop I normally listen to on Live365.

Current Harbinger status
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