January 17th, 2006


Planning Day

Well, unlike most of the Washington D.C. area, I didn't have the day off, but it was relatively quiet at work. Once I got home, though, things got interesting though. Spent about three hours visiting with wishweaver and my friend, April, about story ideas. We worked on wishweaver's story idea first and I think we fleshed out a really good back story for it, identified the protagonists and antagonists. It's going to be a YA Science Fiction novel, at least for now. We've still got some things to work out but I think it's going to be a fun project once she starts it.

We also went over the YA fantasy that April and I have been kicking around. We reviewed the background material I had been working on and April is off to start working on the first chapter. I'm not certain if we're going to alternate chapters, or exactly how we're going to co-write this, but it's officially underway.

Spent part of this evening watching Noir with my daughter while wishweaver watched it over the edge of her laptop. I'm enjoying this anime series. I'd bought the first disc several months ago, but I was waiting until I got the complete set before buying any more. (Better to buy 7 discs at 80.00 than 7 separate discs at 29.99.) Also, the series has great music, which only makes watching it even more fun.

After dinner, I worked on my tie-in novel proposal. I have the summary page done and am now working on the actual proposal. Right now, my first draft is (as usual) down in the weeds, so I'm going through and taking out unnecessary details so the editor doesn't drown in excess verbiage. I knew this was going to be a painful process, but I always make the initial proposal detailed so I can make certain I haven't forgotten anything and to ensure it "flows". I need to query the editor to see if there is a specific format for sending him proposals before I get too attached to anything I've written so far.

I did some work on Chronicles at lunch today, but nothing to really report on. This was more of a strategy/admin day than a "writing" day. Brainstorming is always a lot of fun, as long as you don't forget to actually write stuff down. ;)