January 11th, 2006

Writing 3

Sailing, sailing, over the bounty main . . .

I think I'm going to really enjoy writing CSD: Dragon Couchant. I added another 1705 words tonight, wrapping up Chapter One nicely. Spent part of today working with the calendar for the Endless, trying to project when things were going to happen and ensure I've left enough time for things to naturally take place (oh, little things like careening the ship every so often, replenishing men and supplies, shore leave, etc.) Need to tweak it a bit, but now that I have a time line for the entire three books, it'll be easier to keep track of the subplots and such, making certain there's time to ferment all the plots and time to sail to all those scattered islands.

Man, I love my work.

I know some people say "Research is an excuse not to write your book", but maybe it's the historian in me, but I need to be certain how far a ship can travel in a day given X types of winds, much less the average distance a horse could travel before keeling over dead. Having had to do forced ruck marches in the Army, I know I can do 12 miles in under 3 hours if I have to and 25 miles in 8 hours, but those distances usually hamburger my feet. Now, if I was doing that on a regular basis, I might have been able to do better, but I think that's a reasonable distance to be able to travel and still hope to do anything once you reach your destination.

So, between working on Dragon Couchant, I'm also working on the second draft of a novel proposal for a tie-in book. I pitched the basic idea to the editor some time ago, but now I want to make certain I've got all the i's dotted and t's crossed before I actually see if he remembers he said to send it to him. (eep!) Course, if it does get accepted, (which of course is the big if), it would be 2008 at the earliest before it would be released. (Which is why I didn't post my blog last night. I wasn't doing "writing" per se, as much as I was doing "proposaling".

I'm also starting to develop a possible YA fantasy novel with a friend of mine. We haven't had much face to face time yet to go over it, but I think it'll pick up here in a bit. We're still doing the world building thing as well as researching what our heroines are going to be like. Watch this space for more news. ;)

Need to finish cleaning the guest room up tomorrow night. My writing friend is going to be joining us on Friday to go see CATS at the Hippodrome in Baltimore on Friday night. This should be fun, since I'm a big fan of the musical.

Hopefully, I'll still have time to get some writing in tomorrow.

Current Dragon Couchant status:
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4,194 / 95,000