January 4th, 2006



It's odd, I'm almost fighting myself NOT to start a new project before next Monday, but I have too admit, I've gotten some pretty good reading in.

Well, considering, one of those books was Atlanta Nights, one has to wonder how "good" my reading was. ;) But, the book is for a good cause and helps hammer in the idea if Publish America would offer a contract for this book, then there's no question it'll print damn near anything. It's almost embarrassing to know they're located less than an hour from here.

The other book I just finished, I do admit, I picked up to research Shattered Mirror, a project I'm going to be working on with a friend of mine. It's the first time I've thought about doing anything YA before, but what the heck. The book is
The World Guide to Gnomes, Fairies, Elves and Other Little People
. It looked like a good reference book, and finding out the original edition was written in 1880, it is a pleasure for someone like me to read. (Being a historian, I love the old style writing of histories and reference books of the time.) It definitely deserves a place in my library next to Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales and my copy of Tales from the Arabian Nights.

Looking through my stack of unread books, I think I'm going to take a break from "research" and enjoy The Dragon and the Gnarly King by Gordon Dickson and follow it up with the Dragon in Lyonesse. I've been a huge Dickson fan ever since I found "The Dragon and the George".

Still doing some work in the library also. Hope to hit Ellicott City sometime this weekend and find a antique table to go in here. That and finish dragging up all my gaming stuff out of the basement and get it sorted out. The Battletech stuff alone may take up an entire shelf along one wall.

wishweaver has been recommending I read The Rivan Codex by David & Leigh Eddings. She says it's got a lot of good information about world building in there. I've been developing and redeveloping the world the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon's set in since 1994, but with other books I plan on doing, I'm going to have to set up all new worlds. It's interesting to me to see how other people come up with the ideas that inhabit their stories, what they base things on, or more specifically, what they don't base stuff on.

That's where I get to employ all my skills (historian, analyst, writer). See what works for others and adapt it to myself.

So, no "writing logs" until next Monday. I can see you're heartbroken. ;)