October 15th, 2005


Flying and News

Flew out of Reagan National to Kansas City this morning. Really wanted to fly out of Baltimore-Washington International since it's only about 15 minutes from the house, but they had nothing coming back on Sunday evening. All the flights into BWI would have left KC before the end of the football game, which is sorta the reason I came. The only flight leaving KC for the Balto/DC area was on Midwest flying out of and into Reagan, which isn't a very convenient airport to get to if you live northeast of the city. Bleah.

But, I made it with 9 minutes to spare and I will admit, the 717 we flew on had nice comfortable, and best of all, wide seats. While we were in the air, I got 1816 words done on Harbinger. I think this version of Chapter 29 is going to be stronger than the one I lost, so that pleases me mightily.

Once I got here, I managed to get connected to the internet and there was an e-mail from kradical for me. He forwarded an SCE story I submitted to Paramount for approval. I'm definitely keeping my fingers crossed here, I think it'd be a lot of fun to write the story I pitched.

Speaking of getting here, when I checked in, I thought the room was a little high for Kansas City. Now, it's well within what I've spent going to conventions, but usually things are a little cheaper in KC than in, say, Boston. Well, as soon as I opened the door, I understand why it was a "tad" pricey. I'm in the largest room in the hotel. I have a work area (where I'm typing this blog entry), a living area with a 46" plasma TV, a kitchenette, a bathroom larger that some hotel rooms I've stayed in, a then a huge bedroom. Mind you, I'm here by myself. I think this room is nearly as large as my entire downstairs of my house. This is seriously weird. Enjoyable, but weird. Last time I make the room reservations off of an internet site. . .

Went to the 37 Forever Foundation's banquet this evening. Caught up with a number of friends from Chiefs Planet that I'd met before and finally met a few I hadn't. It was a lot of fun while I was there, but I decided to come back early since I'm driving two hours tomorrow morning to get to Columbia to see the University of Missouri's homecoming game against Iowa State. My friend, Randy Trimble, has tickets to the game and is willing to spot me a seat, so who am I to turn him down? Yeah, I know, I should be guilty since my alma mater's homecoming is tomorrow also, but hey, free is good!

My folks flew home to Florida this afternoon. I'm curious to see all the projects that wishweaver and my mom have cooked up for the house while I wasn't there. Dad finished installing the shelves in the new library (we switched out the old den and the guest bedroom upstairs as well as doing all the redesigning/painting/wallpapering/etc. down stairs).

Also, talked to one of my old college roommates tonight. We're not going to be able to see each other this time, since he's flying out tomorrow to see the Bruce Springsteen concert in Wisconsin. Now, there's a fan for you.

Well, it appears my old word meter has bit the dust (the infamous 404 error when I click on the links), so I'll be looking for a new one in the meantime.

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