October 5th, 2005


Archon Day 3 & 4 and the common cold

Day 3: My first panel was "Fiction with an Agenda". I was supposedly moderating this shindig (which really meant, I acknowledged the people in the audience who wanted to join in), the panelists didn't need much moderating at all. We had a pretty full room and we got into a couple of spirited debates, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

The reading didn't come off. They were trying something different this Archon by holding the readings in the lobby of the hotel. Well, I showed up for my reading and there were two kids sleeping on one couch and a guy re-cataloging his new Magic cards on the other couch. Although I should count my blessings, apparently another reader was told to leave by the group of people who were trying to have a conversation in the "reading" area. Wow! I think this was an experiment that got results, but not the type the convention was looking for.

Talked to the guys at Troll Lord Games about possibly doing some writing for them. They seemed receptive, so I have to put together a writer's portfolio for them soon.

After my signing, I headed for the art auction. As I anticipated, someone had tried to get in at the last moment and bid on a piece of art I bid on Thursday night, so I made sure to bid again so it would go to the auction. Did pick up a nice print of a Faux Pas comic strip. Lady luck was running with me at the Art Auction, because I got the piece of art I wanted for my wife as well as another piece that I'd looked at earlier. Came home with four pieces of art which is unusual for me (also had Mitch Foust do a sketch of Perrin/Raven from Harbinger for me. REALLY nice stuff.

My anime cel panel wasn't highly attended (it was right before the Masquerade) but the people who came were very interested in the craft. I went to another panel right afterward and then the anime cel panel part two started. I was sitting in the hall outside the room when a couple of people noticed my portfolios and wanted to see what I had. Well, from 9-11, I held a panel on Anime cels out in the hallway at the convention center.

After that, I went to the Pirate Ink party. I'd met them the night before, and they're a pretty good bunch of people. The head of the group (Robo Neko) was interested in seeing my cels, but she couldn't leave the party, so I wandered upstairs and recovered them. I wound up showing the cels and talking about anime and stuff with them and the other party people until 0330 Monday Morning. We had a great time there. The Pirate Ink people seemed to like Chronicles and I might want to talk to them about doing some writing in the future. They have two comics coming out - The G.R.I.F.T.E.R.S. and Zokumei and others in the pipeline.

Anyway, at 0330, I figured I'd had all of Day 3 I wanted.

Day 4: Pretty slow day. There really wasn't much on the schedule I was interested in so I hit the dealer room. Wound up running into Michael and his wife, Michelle (who I forgot to mention in my earlier entry, my bad). We visited for a while and then wound up running into Eric and Jeanne again. Spent about twenty minutes or so talking to them and caught up on some stuff. Obviously you can't catch up on twenty years plus in twenty minutes but I'll take what I can get. Got to meet Eric and Jeanne's kids this time while we were looking over a bunch of out-of-print games and modules. They seem like pretty cool kids. Spent some time in the hotel bar watching the game while I was waiting for my ride back to the airport. Had an interesting conversation with Bill Fawcett on the ride back and check-in was a piece of cake.

However, while I was waiting, I noticed a tickle in my throat. As the flight headed into Baltimore, I really started not feeling well. I made it into work Monday, but I was not functioning very well. I had a full-blown chest cold and it was beating the heck out of me. Had to skip Monday's class, which annoyed me to no end, since it's the one I really enjoy. By 9PM I was working on a good fever. I made it to my dental appointment Tuesday morning (two fillings replaced), but I was really dragging by then and had to call in sick to work.

Feeling a little better today, made it through work, although I wasn't at my cheeriest. Bought some cold medicine last night, so of course, I started feeling better before I could use it. (sigh) At least, I'll have it for next time.
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