May 3rd, 2005


Experimenting here

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Saw that michaelshuster had this little counter to mark his progress. Being a good web designer, I'm a firm believer in borrowing from web sites I like. It's not stealing, it's "harvesting code". ;)

Hopefully, you'll see that little bar going up every night now that construction is over.
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Finally, getting May off to a good start

Well, took a day longer than I thought it would, but Coventry is back on track. Knocked out 1221 words tonight and hopefully I'll get back up to doing around 1500 by the end of the week. I have to keep fighting the urge to go back and "tinker" with the story. Finish it first, then do edits. Otherwise, I'll never get it done (but I'll have a really pretty two or three chapters).

Finally got my official invite to Balticon 39. I have to get back with them tomorrow with a list of the panels I want to be on (or suggestions for panels). Of the conventions I've done this year already, I've had a wide variety of topics - writing, comics, gaming and anime. Actually, I've done almost more Anime panels than I've done Writing panels, (which is cool, since I'm a closet Otaku anyway). Hopefully, I'll hear from Dragon*Con and Shore Leave soon.

I find it amazing how much this house echoes with all the stuff packed away. We're slowly starting to unpack, but there's something sort of nice about having a minimalist feeling to the house. However, I'm not sure if it's the philosopher in me admiring the lack of material items to distract me, or if it's the lazy person inside me who just doesn't want to unpack. Personally, I prefer to think it's the former. ;)

Music listened to: "Say Yes!" - Bubblegum Crisis Complete Vocals Volume Two
Web Site of Note: Old Faithful Webcam It's still pictures rather than a video, but you can watch the eruptions of Old Faithful in real time here. Just a neat time waster.

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