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Deathmarch -5

wishweaver did not have a good day today, so I wound up taking off at lunchtime from work and coming home. She felt well enough not to go to the doctor, but she was either fighting off a bad virus or she got some bad food yesterday. Much unfun was had by all.

I decided to go ahead and take all day off tomorrow also. We are supposed to have some company coming by tomorrow, so I'll want to use tomorrow morning to get as much done as I can. I did push on today and wound up adding 995 words to Shadows. I also completed the edits on Chapters 17-19. That leaves six chapters to edit between now and Monday. Still going to be close, but we'll keep plugging away. I'm a little less concerned than I was Monday night.

I'm already plotting out things to do once this is done. None of them has anything to do with writing, unless you consider the work I'm going to do on getting my web site back operational as writing. I have a stack of anime that needs to be watched, a stack of older and newer movies I need to watch, an entirely too tall pile of books to be read and some serious video gaming I need to get back on. (If nothing else, I need to finish up Xenosaga II. I've been ready to move onto the last big section in that one since last summer. Just got distracted and never sat down and finished.)

In some ways, Monday can NOT get here soon enough.

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