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9 Days to Go

Wow, where did the day go. Somehow, writing doesn't seem to take anywhere near as long as editing does. I finished creating the new Chapter 7 today and then edited Chapters 8-10. I've been sitting here at the computer off and on since 1100 today. *sigh* Still, we added 1760 words to Shadows, and finished 4 chapters so life is good.

Part of the problem was I added in some new stuff at the start of the new Chap 7 and wanted to end the chapter on a bit of whimsy, without loosing the flow of the events or making it too silly. I think I spent over an hour working and reworking the last page of the chapter this afternoon. The problem is, it was something that would have easily worked on the TV show, but it just didn't seem like it was working in the prose. I like the compromise I worked out with myself, but we'll see what the editor thinks when she gets it.

I am happier with the flow of the story now and I did catch some errors (had characters changing name in mid-event for one thing). While I'm sure I'm going to have lots of "editorial changes", especially since this is the first time I've worked with this editor, but I'm glad I'm catching the blatant boo-boos now.

We didn't get into the city after all, mores the pity. I'm going to have to make sure my schedule is clear for next year, come hell or high water. This is getting ridiculous.

OK. Have to go into work for a bit tomorrow and then back on the story.

Talk to you later, LJ.

Words for Today

1760 / 1000 words. 176%

Progress on SG-1: Shadows of the Heart

85197 / 80000 words. 106%

Progress on Shadows of the Heart's revisions

10 / 25 chapters. 40%

Words for 2009

76693 / 365000 words. 21%
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