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Day two of Weekend Write-Off

Well, we got off to a slightly later start today, but part of that was intentional. I let myself sleep in until after 10 and took my time getting ready. Went out for Indian for lunch with the family and then set sail to find a good place to type.

Panera's? Nope, line out the door and all the outside tables taken.
Starbucks? Nope, too crowded, all the electrical plugs taken. (My Toshiba's battery might last a couple of hours on a good day. No sense taking chances with it today.)
Orinoco Coffee House? Out of business.
B&N? Nope, I was there yesterday, don't want to wear out my welcome.
Books-a-Million? Success!

There was one electrical plug left open and I snagged it and a nearby table. Luckily, unlike B&N, B-A-M doesn't make you pay for the WiFi, so I was able to do a little twittering as well as looking up some SG-1 terminology. I finally was ready to write at 1430 and the next time I looked up it was 1730. I was sitting just over 3300 words. I took a break there and went out with a friend for dinner. We lounged about there and then came home and lounged some more before restarting at 2130. Finally at 2300, I finished my next-to-last chapter and decided enough was enough for the weekend.

Final count for today was 4401 words. Final count for the weekend? 13166 words.

I think that's my highest two and a quarter day total yet. Just shows what a deadline can do for your motivation.

This weekend's experiments with going outside the house to write were interesting. I didn't take my headphones with me for space/weight reasons, so I was writing without my music which is unusual for me. However I did seem to get more work done in less time outside the house than inside. Don't know if it's because I have internet here and not there (usually), so there's less visual distractions or if it's really just the change in scenery.

I may be wandering down in the weeds, but I'm as interested in the writing process as I am in the writing itself. Tis the curse of being an analyst for so long in the Army. I'm almost more interested in the "why" than I am the "who", "what", and "where".

But, I'll worry about that another evening. It's time for bed.

Words for Today

4401 / 1000 words. 440%

Progress on SG-1: Shadows of the Heart

69218 / 80000 words. 87%

Words for 2009

60654 / 365000 words. 17%
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