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Brain to Tapioca

That's what I feel like right now.

Between working on a User's Manual at work (to include all the accompanying screen shots) and then adding 3016 words to Shadows tonight after dinner (to include having the computer crash twice), I am wore out brain-wise.

(Yes, I know I left myself open. Feel free to drive Mack truck through opening.)

I have one more scene left in this chapter and then two or three chapters to go to until I type -30- on this one. Then it's go back in with a fine tooth comb to try and catch all the nit-noid stuff and spend a little more time with descriptions and story flow. I'm so close though, I can taste it and believe me, with all the starts and stops and other stuff, this one is going to be especially sweet.

Which is, of course, why I've already started putting together my next pitch for this franchise. *sigh*

At least the horde of teenagers will NOT be descending on the house tomorrow. I intend to get up, take daughter-unit to her vision therapy class, drop her off here for wishweaver to take to her group appointment while I hie unto B&N or maybe Mad City Coffee and find a corner and type until I can't see straight. (I started to say a quiet corner, but who's kidding who there.)

But now, check e-mail and go to bed.

Tomorrow, writing day from hell.

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