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In the mood


Having that weight lifted off of my shoulders has made the writing start flowing again. Heck, it even flowed well at work today . . . that is, when they weren't pulling me away to work on other stuff . . . or attend meetings . . . or do excel spreadsheets for requirements . . . aauugh! Oh well, keep telling yourself it's paying the bills.

I picked up a couple of new CDs after work at Borders while the daughter-unit was buying her supply of Pocky. I snagged a Keiko Matsui CD I didn't have, a CD by Gary Stadler called Fairy of the Woods, which looks like it'll be good to write to and the D-U pointed out a Best of Glenn Miller CD. She knows as a former trombonist as well as a former jazz trombonist, I'm a huge Glenn Miller fan, so I snagged it also. She enjoyed In the Mood and String of Pearls but Moonlight Serenade was a little too laid back for her.

Hey, I've got an almost 16 year old listening to Glenn Miller. I'm not going to complain that she doesn't like all of them. *grin*

But, as I said, the writing came together well tonight. I added 1953 words to Shadows tonight and finished Chapter 17. The novel feels like it's a little light at the moment in the word count department, but I expect it'll grow during the editing part before I submit it. I've thought of a few things I want to expand on earlier in the book, but I want to get to the end before I start changing stuff up earlier. Better to be a little short on words than to miss the deadline.

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here.

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