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This is getting old

I'm not certain what I have done to my digestive track, but whatever it is, I really, really, REALLY want to get it fixed and soon! It's aggravating me to no end, and it seems every time I start to get over it and try to eat real food again, I set myself off. Now I'm down to water and broths.

I finally went out and picked up my Father's Day presents, today. The family bought me the collected set of Banner of the Stars and I picked myself up the Read or Die OVA and Shamanic Princess. That, along with the rest of the anime I have on my shelf that I haven't watched yet, ought to keep me entertained for quite a while. I really enjoyed Crest of the Stars, and I hope Banner is good also.

At least, my body seems to be reasonably settled down right now. I've been able to get back to work on Harbinger tonight. I think I have the new chapters plotted and in the long run, I think this is going to be a lot stronger portion of the book than it originally was going to be. I'm going to work on it on Sunday also, and then go back to Coventry and make the final edits before sending it off to kradical. I'd like to get them to him before Shore Leave.

There's going to be quite the gathering of Star Trek authors there, so I'm hoping to be able to press the flesh a little bit and at least put faces with some of the people I've conversed with both here on LiveJournal and on the Simon and Schuster BBS. Conventions are almost always fun (although they're definitely a business proposition these days). It's like I told wishweaver, the panels are for the fans, the bars/parties are where the deals are made after the show winds down.

Speaking of getting things finished though, I added 1411 words to Harbinger tonight. Not bad for not having a clue what I was going to write a few nights ago. If my gut will behave, I'll be back on track very quickly.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
77,114 / 125,000

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