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A little slower, but still progressing

Survived the usual gauntlet of idiots on the highways of Maryland and put in my time at work.

Came home, hit the accountant's office and payed for our tax returns. Then ran by the mall to get a new watchband. While I was waiting for them to finish with my watch, we went into the Borders Express next door. I picked up one book and ordered two. I snagged The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch, which looks pretty good. Actually, the cover to his second book really caught my eye, but once I saw it was #2, I decided I probably ought to read the first one so as not to confuse myself. *grin*

I've been twittering with Yasmine Galenorn for a bit, so I thought since I was here I should sample one of her books. Of course, they had #2 through #5 of her current series, but not the first one in stock. So, I went ahead and put in an order for Witchling and hope to get it soon.

While I was there, I went ahead and pre-ordered jimhines's upcoming The Mermaid's Madness through Borders too. What can I say, I really liked the first one of his Princess series. This series is a keeper (and yes, Jim, you can quote me. *grin*).

Came home and started working on Chapter 16 in Shadows. I didn't have quite the momentum I'd had this past weekend, but I still managed a respectable (for me) 1598 words tonight. Still on target to make the deadline, which is the important thing.

And now, time for bed.


Words for Today

1598 / 1000 words. 160%

Progress on SG-1: Shadows of the Heart

51251 / 80000 words. 64%

Words for 2009

42697 / 365000 words. 12%
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