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Better than I thought

wishweaver had plans for today, so I took over getting the daughter-unit around to her appointments. Took over is the correct word. She let me sleep in a bit this morning and took D-U to her vision therapy session. I met them there and she went to learn how to do beading with some friends from work.

After D-U's session, we went over to a local coffee house and snagged warm drinks and a good apple crisp. We picked up our anime discussion from last night over breakfast before I took her to her weekly group session.

Here's where the fun begins.

See, they meet once a week, so they try to schedule something every so often to do and this week, they were coming over to our house.

O.K., me . . . in a house . . . full of teenagers. *shudder*

It actually went well. They worked on a story they've been developing while I ordered pizza then they watched Spaceballs while said pizza disappeared like sand in a wind tunnel. They did some more writing and plotting on their project and it all wrapped up about 1600. By the time I ran them all home, Wish was home and things slowly began to settle back to normal.

I had hoped to get some of my own writing done earlier today, but *sigh* that didn't happen. I didn't get started on it until 1930, but I made up for lost time. I finished at 2230 tonight adding 2802 words to Shadows. I got on a roll and the words and descriptions just appeared on the page. Oh, if I could only bottle nights like this.

I do have to go into work tomorrow, and with the DST thing kicking off, it's going to hurt worse when I wake up in the morning than usual. So, with that, good night, LJ.

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