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The Waiting Game

It was a day of many ups and downs.

Our oldest cat had to go into the vet today. He'd been listless and we found bloody stools last night, which scared me to no end. wishweaver stayed home to take him to the vet, so I had to wait until late this afternoon to hear from her. Luckily, the big goofball was all right, the vet believes he was just constipated. They're going to run tests on the stools, but we've been giving him his medicine and Jim seems to be a lot perkier than he was.

Wish tells me he didn't hiss or growl at the vet like usual, so that tells me he didn't feel very good. Poor guy.

I was supposed to get my Miata back today. When 1300 came and no calls, I buzzed the auto body shop and the receptionist told me they'd get back to me as soon as the guy came back in from talking to a customer. So, of course he called me back about 1530. They had found a small other problem (tail light had a crack in it, so they fixed it also) and I could pick up the car before 1700. I had to wrap stuff up at work pretty quick after that and hustle over to the shop (mainly because I only had the rental for three days), but Alita is back home and she's looking as good as the day I got her. Huzzah!

Still haven't heard anything about my MFA application. They were supposed to send out acceptance letters at the end of February, but so far, nothing. I'm trying to be patient and not call them, but I'd love to get this over with one way or the other.

I finally got my contract from Fandemonium last night, but I had a few questions that I'd like to have answered before I sign it. I was hoping when I got home from work they would have responded, but no such luck. I did go ahead and work on the story though, adding 1681 words to Shadows. I do hope they respond soon as I'd like to get that worry off of my mind.

Oh, yeah, I have a project due at work on Monday and with all this other stuff on my mind, I got bumpkiss done on that. Like it or not, I'll have to put in some time this weekend to make up for all the personal stuff that's popped up this week. *bleah*

Just one of those days.

Words for Today

1681 / 1000 words. 168%

Progress on SG-1: Shadows of the Heart

42689 / 80000 words. 53%

Words for 2009

34135 / 365000 words. 9%
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