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A little more relaxed day

Got the car to the repair shop and picked up the rental car. Minimal amount of pain involved there, although I have to take a bit of umbrage at the insurance company. They said I'd get an equivalent car for a rental. I'm afraid their concept of equivalent and mine are somewhat different. I have a Miata, and while I certainly wasn't expecting them to shell out for a Corvette or anything like that, I expected a sub-compact, maybe a compact.

I got a Chevy Malibu.

There's nothing wrong with the car, it's a 2008 and it's in great condition, but it's huge compared to what I've been driving the past year. I do not have a good feel for the right and left boundaries on the car and the sight patterns are all wrong.

Oh, by the way, it's an automatic. I haven't owned an automatic since 1984. Trying to remember to leave the left foot on the floor when braking is not easy. *grin*

Still, it's only for three days (hopefully) and I'm riding into work with wishweaver tomorrow. I suspect the car may not move until I have to go get my car from the shop. Still, it's good to have the spare in case something comes up.

Took some time away from the house tonight. Ran a few errands and went out to dinner with Wish (daughter-unit decided her leftover pizza was good enough tonight) and just relaxed and talked about stuff. She's been very patient with my writing, but I thought it might be good for her to see I don't automatically gravitate to the computer as soon as I get home from work.

Still, I did get in some writing. (What? You thought I forgot about my deadline?) I added 1507 words to Shadows and I've now got the plot and the three subplots percolating nicely now. It'll be fun how things cascade to the finale from this point.

Have to go to a meeting with the daughter-unit's new school in the morning, so I better call it here.

Night, LJ-land.

Words for Today

1507 / 1000 words. 151%

Progress on SG-1: Shadows of the Heart

41008 / 80000 words. 51%

Words for 2009

32454 / 365000 words. 9%
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