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Hmm. . . I don't remember that twist

It's always fun when you get really into the groove in a story and then you realize you've completely wandered away from the pitch you sold the story with. That brings up an interesting dilemma, do I stay with the last couple of chapters which are working real well (considering I'm up against a time crunch), OR do I go back in and revise at least one chapter to get this back on track with the original proposal that the editor approved.

Yes, I know stories wander all the time, but this is a serious wander. Now, it's a good wander and it opens up an interesting side plot that I only thought of once I started writing this thing. If I put some thought to it, I can probably find a way to curve the rabbit path and bring this section of the story mostly back onto the original path.

The question is, how much of my writing time is it going to take to rewrite this chapter.


Lesson learned? Don't trust your memory when trying to remember what you put in the proposal, White. Go back, read it and refresh your memory.

Tomorrow night is likely to be very busy.

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