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Crunch time

Didn't get any writing done last night. We had to go visit the accountant for tax time and then just stuff kept coming up.


So, I sat down and did some figuring. If Shadows is going to be 80,000 words, I have to do 1400+ a day between now and 31 March or 1100 a day until 12 April. If it's going to be 100,000 words, I have to do 1900+ a day until 31 March or 1500+ a day until the 12th.

Now, it's due the 12th, so I'd really like to get this done by the 31st so I have time to do some edits and rewrites if need be done before I have to turn it in.

Those aren't encouraging numbers given my productivity lately (and my abysmal typing speed). But, there it is and that's where we're at. However, the goal isn't going to be met by staring at it, so as soon as I finished dinner this evening I went to it.

I added 2058 words tonight and Chapter 10 is coming along nicely. I'm projecting 24-27 chapters, so the story's about on schedule at least. Sometimes, I find I've blown through my projected word count because I chase rabbits and I have to go back in and weed them out. Sometimes the rabbit trails become new story lines in themselves though, so I seldom waste them. There's a little folder on my computer where I store them to be recycled and it's growing at a nice clip. However, I've been able to stay mostly on the trail with Shadows. I think it's the time crunch that's keeping me true.

And now, I think I shall enjoy myself, finish up my glass of Scotch and call it a night.

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