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Not my idea of fun

I had to go into work today to make up some time I've missed this month. 2008 slammed me for leave - I went from over 160 hours to just a little over 14. So, all the time I've taken off with my car and family appointments the past couple of weeks has got to be made up before the end of the month. It was pretty productive, but five hours later, I'm discovering my back is a lot stiffer today than it was yesterday.

Not. Fun.

Luckily, the chair in front of my computer is a lot more comfortable than the chairs at work. I was able to get some good writing in today and added 2621 words to the story. Finished up the edits to Chapter 8 and *almost* finished Chapter 9. I did get to the reveal of one of the villains of the piece though before stopping for the night. Plus, since Twitter was all awash in Oscar commentary, that helped me focus on the writing instead of the tweets since I really don't pay attention to stuff like award shows. Now if it had been the NFL draft, that could have been a problem.

I'm finding on days like Saturday and today I'm writing in fits and spurts rather than just grinding it out like I do on weeknights. I wonder if it's because I know I have "time"? I'm hoping I can restore the discipline I had the first half of last year, but all things considered, I can't complain. I've almost caught up to my goal for February, then (maybe) I can start working off the deficit that January left me.

(Hey, living this close to Washington, it's hard not to get sucked into deficit thinking *grin*)

However, it's time to take another dose of aspirin and get some sleep. wishweaver is wanting to go in to work a little early tomorrow, so if I want to ride in with her, I better be ready.
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