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Pulling Teeth

(insert image of writer letting out a large sigh.)

Man, the words did not want to come tonight.

I started out well, but it seemed like everything that could possibly distract me from writing tonight reared it's head. So, I wrote a bit, talked to the daughter-unit who was not having a "good day", wrote a bit, got an e-mail I needed to read, wrote a bit, decided to see how my alma mater did in Basketball last night (Central Missouri won btw, 82-58 over Emporia State), and so on.

I kept at it though and still managed to add 1046 words tonight. Not quite the 1500, but at least I hit my intermediate goal of 1000 words. Given the evening I've had, I'll take it.

Maybe, with a little luck, I can sneak in some writing tomorrow at lunch to try and catch up. The big challenge for me will be Saturday. I definitely want to get away for a bit and hit Mad City Coffee or Panera's and write. Hopefully, I can knock out about 3,000 words or more on Saturday, which will go a long way to make up for days like today.

Still, every day I'm writing puts me closer to my goals.

And now, it's time to kick the cats out of my bed and call it a night.

Words for Today

1046 / 1000 words. 105%

Progress on SG-1: Shadows of the Heart

12998 / 100000 words. 13%

Words for 2009

5444 / 365000 words. 1%

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