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The Wonders of the Orient

(Typing the title just as a song from an anime soundtrack comes on . . . talk about serendipity.)

Some friends of ours recently returned from a tour in Japan with their company. Outside of being highly jealous because I'd kill for that opportunity . . . (OK, that might be a bit extreme. I might maim for that opportunity), I was pleased for them. Chris and Jodi were two of my kendoka friends, in fact, Chris is the one who introduced me to Kendo.

Just before they returned, Jodi contacted me regarding getting the daughter-unit a kimono to hang on her wall. The package just arrived and the kimono is absolutely gorgeous! I don't have any pictures of it yet, but as soon as we can get it hung on her wall, I'll be posting some. wishweaver received a cute little stuffed "lucky cat" and I received a neat sake set, which I hope to put to use sooner than later. *grin*

Chris did look into picking up a katana while he was over there, but the one he found that he really wanted . . . well, let's just say he could buy a house here in Maryland outright with what they were asking for it. *yikes!* I suspect we'll have a lot of stories to swap when we get time to get together after they settle in.

This all dovetails with my Stargate story, because I am using the Shavadai (from Emancipation (Season One)) for Shadows of the Heart. I've been busy going through the various "baby name" web sites looking for Mongolian names to adapt to become Shavadai names and comparing Mongol history and artifacts against what was on the show and trying to blend the two.

(And who said doing tie-in work wasn't educational?)

Speaking of Shadows, I added 1458 words tonight, coming close to the 1500 I'm shooting for a night. It was a fairly easy section to write. Once I got going, the conversations just seemed to occur naturally, rather than thinking about how X would respond. They just did and transcribing is a lot simpler than writing. I love it when that happens.

Besides jimhines's book, The Stepsister Scheme, I'm currently reading two other books. One is Charles de Lint's Little (grrl) Lost and the other is H.P. Lovecraft, Complete and Unabridged. Just reached The Call of Cthulhu and am about halfway through it. On the nightstand, I also have The Journeys of Marco Polo. As I said once, one story launched a thousand adventures, the other, a thousand nightmares. *grin*

Yeah, I have eclectic reading tastes.

And now, to bed, perchance not to dream of Software Requirement Documents . . .

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