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Super Bowls and Other Worlds


Even though the team I was rooting for failed to win the game, it was without a doubt one of the more intense games I have watched years. I have to admit, with the Chiefs latest run of futility, I haven't been big into the post-season as I was earlier in my life, but hey, I used to be a huge St. Louis Cardinal fan also before they ducked out on us and slithered off to Phoenix. Still, I had to root for them tonight for nostalgia's sake at least (plus, the Pittsburgh fans around here are obnoxious enough as is).

I did get some writing in this afternoon, which is good, since it's been very hit or miss lately. Still, I now have a hard deadline for my Stargate SG-1 novel, so it's time to get back to work. It's going to be a sprint more than a leisurely plod, but we have all the contract stuff straightened out (inshallah) and I am going to make sure I hit this deadline. I'll post some word counts tomorrow.

Work is being work. Trying to decipher developer's notes so I can turn them into standards documents is not my first choice of "fun stuff", but hey, that's why they pay me the (semi-)big bucks. I just hope all the writing at work doesn't burn me out and keep me from writing on the Stargate stuff in the evening.

And speaking of other worlds, I read jimhines's book The Stepsister Scheme. If you haven't already you haven't already picked this up, I highly recommend that you do. I picked it up at the local bookstore and thought I'd just read a few chapters yesterday to get a feel for the book. A few hours later, I found myself finishing the book. It takes a lot of what you think you know about fairy tales and turns them on their head. I definitely am looking forward to the sequel. Good job, Jim!

And speaking of fractured fairy tales, I also recommend the web comic, No Rest for the Wicked. Another look at the realm of fairy tales and a surprisingly quick read considering the number of strips he has out. I've been scanning around and adding a few new web comics to my list of things to read, so if you have any favorites, feel free to make a few recommendations here.

And with that, I think it's time I go to bed.
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