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Oh, by the way

I now have 100 people who have friended this blog.

Yeah, I know there are blogs out there with 1000s of readers (heck, I think I'm friended to one or two authors here that have legions of fans), but I just wanted to say "Hi, and thanks!" to everyone who's friended me for whatever reason.

People say writers tend to be private individuals, but private, retiring and/or shy are adjectives that are not normally associated with me. So, to celebrate neadods becoming the 100th victim . . . I mean person to friend this blog, I'll blatantly steal one of kradical's ideas and open the floor to questions. Any questions you might have for me (within reason and not covered by the National Security Act of 1948 *grin*) I'll do my best to answer.

All right, folks, take your best shots.

(goes to put on the flame-proof underwear)
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