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Balticon, Day 1

Took the day off from work. Spent most of the day out running around with wishweaver, where she helped me pick out some new shirts and ties for work. (Taking advantage of those Memorial Day Sales at J.C. Penny's. Stafford no-iron shirts are wonderful time-savers.) Also stopped by Yankee Candle and checked out the new stock. Even when we don't buy stuff, it's always interesting to see what new scent combinations they design.

Got home to find This sitting in my mailbox. I was teasing Wish that now I'm an "internationally published" author. Of course, that and $2.50 will buy you a cup of coffee, but it still sounds good. *preen* (My friend, Tee Morris, did have to point out that he's been an internationally published author all along (Dragon Moon Press is out of Canada), so that did deflate the ol' ego a bit after that.) I'm enjoying the stories I've read so far and am very proud to have a story in the same book with the other authors.

Here's a picture of the cover. I can see why the other authors were really digging on the cover. It looks a lot more dynamic in hand than the Amazon picture looked.

Made it up to Balticon and ran into perivayne who helped straighten out various issues (like no badge), and informed me that I now have a reading and a signing on Sunday. So, yes, all my events take place on Sunday, but at least I'm beginning to feel like I'm earning my guest pass. I also ran into dzeytoun, pbray and jpsorrow, and then yogcmarthoth and scifilaura. I saw klingonguy across the room at the Meet the Pros gathering, but I didn't get a chance to talk to him. Maybe tomorrow . . . oh, right, maybe later today.

I attended the New Media party, where I ran into Tee Morris, who was DJing for the party as well as several other podcasters (some I knew and some were new). I also talked to one of the organizers of AnimeUSA and may be doing a panel or two at their convention later this year.

Finally slipped out and headed home. Now, it's definitely bed time.

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