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Not exactly what I had planned

Work went well today, all things considered. I finished my proposed revisions for the users manual and hope to get started on that (as well as some other documentation) next week. The funny thing is, now that I'm not working on that other project . . . now, they're coming out of the woodwork needing assistance with their web site.


Still, until they get their own tech writer/web person, my management has asked me to still help out now and then, so I guess that'll me one of my projects tomorrow.

And, I still found some time to work on Harbinger.

In fact, I wound up spending most of my time tonight transcribing all the stuff I did at work tonight. I was fully intending to copy that stuff in and work on Steel on Target, but it just took a little longer to get the writing going this evening. Once I got going, it went well, though. I added 2783 words tonight, finishing up the first chapter of the revised work. Yeah, I know, I wasn't going to start this rewrite until I finished one of my other projects, but I wanted to capture the new first chapter before I forgot all the stuff I thought of the other day.

I'm planning on taking Friday off from work. Hopefully, I can get some decent writing in, since I'm going to probably lose some writing this weekend with the convention. Still not sure if I'm going up to Balticon Friday evening for the Meet the Guests shindig. Not sure it's worth the price of gas for that, but I'll make that decision closer to time. If I can catch up with perivayne, we'll discuss doing a reading or a signing and when.

At least tomorrow is my last day at work until next Tuesday. We'll be happy for what we can get.

(Oh, and I thought I'd break out the new Raven avatar for my girl Raven, the star of Harbinger of Darkness.)

Words for Today

2783 / 1000 words. 278%

Progress on Harbinger of Darkness

5155 / 120000 words. 4%

Words for 2008

148555 / 366000 words. 41%
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