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Balticon 2008

Balticon Pocket Program


Sunday, May 25 - 0000 - Belmont Room - Things that Go Bump In The Night - Richard White(M), Dina A. Leacock, James Chambers

Sunday, May 25 - 1000 - Derby Room - Playing in someone else’s sandbox(shared worlds) - Charles Gannon(M), Richard White, Christy Tohara, Trisha Wooldridge, Joshua Palmatier

Sunday, May 25 - 1600 - Salon D - Trek - Back to the Future - Richard White(M), Robert Jeschonek

Yep, that's it. 3 panels, all on Sunday. No signings, no readings, no nothing.

Yes, I'm a bit aggravated. If I wasn't moderating two panels, I'd probably just blow the show off.

Although, I'm still trying to figure out who thought it was a good idea to have a panel at Midnight and then one at 10am. Yeah, that'll be fun driving home at 0130 on the Beltway dodging all the drunks that'll be getting out about then, grabbing about five hours sleep and then driving right back to do the 10 o'clock panel. Oh, and they kept the name of the panel I suggested for the Midnight panel, and changed the subject. I guess it's a good thing I read the entire pocket program instead of just showing up with the questions I've used the two other times I've moderated this panel.

I think this will be my last Balticon.


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May. 21st, 2008 04:14 pm (UTC)
Signings can be done, as can a reading. There will be a Rocket Mail with corrections in the very first packet that the attendees get, so that can be done. I at least got that accomplished this year. Contact me and I'll get you on the grid for one or both.
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