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Grad School Open House

Fixed the damn problem with the HTML I was fighting yesterday. Well, I didn't exactly fix it. I just decided to delete it and use a different solution to the problem. Sure, I could have spent a couple of hours and eventually figured it out, but right now, I just want to get the furshenlinger thing done.

Finally got some feedback on the updated site also and spent the rest of the day making the corrections or adding in the new data that I wish I had gotten last week. Still, the site looks good and tomorrow, it goes live at work and I can move on to other projects I need to get done.

I have to say, I hope the weather gets and stays steady here soon. I've been sicker this past January through April than I have in three years. I have burned through leave and I really need to start building it back up. *sigh*

But, when the day was done at work, I caught the light rail and headed into Charm City to attend the University of Baltimore's Open House for graduate students wanting to pursue a degree in Liberal Arts. Talked to the admissions people and they seem to think that the 4.0 and the Phi Theta Kappa membership I earned at Howard Community College back in 2007 should easily outweigh the *mumbles incoherently* grade point I earned at Central Missouri State (now University of Central Missouri) back in 1982, so it's highly unlikely I'll have to enter school as a conditional student. Huz-frickin-zah!

OH, and the good thing about attending the Open House? They're going to be e-mailing us a code to enter in the on-line admissions application which will waive the application fee. *grin*

After the Dean and the Admissions/Financial Aid people talked to the group, they had break-out sessions with various faculty members. I recognized the person who was there to speak to the Creative Writing group since he and I had talked extensively at the poetry reading a couple of weeks ago. So, for the most part, I sat back and listened to the others asking him questions.

Talked to some of my potential classmates for a bit and then hiked back to the light rail station to find I had missed the train by 3 minutes. So, I had to wait for 45 until the next train that was going to my station arrived, which got me back to my truck at 9:40 and then it was another 20 minute drive home from the station. I can tell, if I have late classes and use the train, I'll be getting home around midnight, but somehow that beats driving IN Baltimore.

What can I say? I learned to drive in a town of 490 people. One stop light, people, . . . one.

I know it's early, but based on my experiences at the school these two visits, I think I could fit in pretty easily. Yeah, we're talking about 4 years of my life, (48 hours of grad school, 6 hours a semester with summers to recover), but it'll be worth it.
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