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A pleasant evening

Received a check from my publisher the other day, so I took the family out for Indian tonight. Had a nice lamb dish and my wife had the Chicken Tika Marsala. Then celebrated receiving the check by picking up an 18-year old bottle of Glenlivet Scotch. VERY nice.

Came home, the daughter didn't fight about doing her homework (a pleasant change) and I got some good reading in before starting to write. Knocked out another 1430 words on Harbinger tonight. Starting to get back into the flow of it. I'm hoping I can get into the flow of the SCE story as quickly once I finish reading all the background material.

I need to start putting Chronicles of the Sea Dragon together for this summer. Chronicles is a comic series I've been developing for about 10 years now. With the check I got from the publisher, I can afford to self-publish the 48-page one-shot Bill Bryant (my artist) and I put together to test the waters. We orignially were going to be doing this for Arrow Comics, but things didn't work out after we had the first regular issue finished. So, we decided to put this one-shot together to see if there was any interest in the series before committing to a long run. Since I'm going to San Diego Comic Con and Dragon*Con this year, I figure those are my best opportunities to do a test run and see if there is or isn't a market for this story.

Chronicles is an homage to the old Errol Flynn/Douglas Fairbanks Jr. movies from the 30s/40s. Even if I wasn't self-publishing this, I'd be arguing to keep it a Black and White comic to keep that old Hollywood feel to it. I have to admit, I'm pretty lucky to have an artist like Bill working on this project.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Music listened to: The Princess Bride Soundtrack

Web Site of Note: Balticon, where theoretically, I am supposed to be a guest this year. I've received an e-invite, but so far, I'm not on their web site as an actual guest. Who knows? After all, this is Balticon. It's a great show, but a tad disorganized at times.

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