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Yo-yo writing

Remember my big plans for the weekend?


Didn't happen. Various reasons, all it boils down to is I didn't write this weekend.

So what do I do today? 1588 words on my college writing project, finishing up the first chapter (which is what one of the universities wants for my admissions package). The others want between 30-50 pages, so I'll continue pecking away at this one over the summer, but at least I have the first chapter done so I can start polishing it.

(Word of warning, LJ-ers, I may hit a couple of you up for suggestions/critiques on this first chapter later this summer. I want in this program, so I'm going to make sure the sample is as polished as I can possibly make it.

Oh, and after I finished the college project, I knocked out 1069 words on Childhood's Tears.

So, basically I went from producing no words to nearly catching up on what I owed over the weekend plus. Who knows? Maybe the couple of days of not writing recharged me or maybe I was sick and tired of being lazy. Don't know, don't care as long as words are getting done now.


On a different subject, dzeytoun and I went to see Forbidden Kingdom yesterday. I rate it 3.5 bags of popcorn on the matinee scale. Look, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon it's not. However, it's a fun tale with some Chinese mythology thrown in. Plus, you have Jackie Chan doing the Drunken Master and Jet Li as the "Silent Monk". What's not to like, and even in his 50s, Jackie Chan still fights with the best of them. No, it's not going to win any Oscars and the storyline is a bit simplistic but who cares, it's a go into the theater, turn off your inner critic and just enjoy a fun story.

This one will be on my DVD list this fall.


Words for Today

2657 / 1000 words. 266% done!

Progress on Black Satin Nights

16 / 50 pages. 32%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

34422 / 90000 words. 38%

Words for 2008

123397 / 366000 words. 34%
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