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Hump Day

Work went pretty well today. Nothing spectacular, nothing horrible. Reviewed one of the documents I've been working on, got a few course corrections on one section, but overall, I'm pretty pleased with how it's coming together.

Came home, had dinner, watched a little TV, played a little Xenosaga II and then came upstairs to write.

Probably spend a little too much time going back and forth from the document to some writer web sites, but I still finished Chapter Eight for Steel on Target, adding 1371 words tonight. I don't know how many of them will make the cut when I do the rewrite because I'm pretty tired right now and I did a lot of typing with my eyes closed (which is always an adventure since I'm an average typist at best). Still words were put on paper, plot was advanced and new threat suddenly reared its ugly head to threaten our intrepid band of cavalry troopers.

And once again, I remind myself, no matter how bad my life gets, my poor cav unit's life is so much worse. I know, I'm an evil writer. *cues evil laughter here and twirling of mustache.*

Now, I can really tell I'm tired when I resort to cheap theatrics like that.

Say good night, LiveJournal.

Good night, LiveJournal.

Words for Today

1371 / 1000 words. 137%

Progress on Steel on Target

38282 / 90000 words. 43%

Words for 2008

119203 / 366000 words. 33%


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Apr. 17th, 2008 12:25 pm (UTC)
That's impressive progress!
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