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Not quite what I had in mind

After struggling with my writing on Thursday, I decided to take a night off from writing and read and do some other stuff. Went to the mall with wishweaver and bought some cool teas at Teavana. Wish had gotten some of their tea for her birthday and wanted to talk to them about brewing times and such and I spotted a few that looked rather interesting, so I indulged myself a little bit.

Today however, I got to deal with a different issue. Some idiot nearly rear-ended me when they merged onto the street I was on at a higher than necessary speed. (Driving like a bat out of hell) I had to punch the accelerator in my old 91 Toyota pickup to avoid being creamed. Luckily for me, the engine still has some pep in it and I barely managed to avoid the idiot. However, as I did, I heard a loud pop and then the noise started.

I was hoping I had just ruptured my muffler, but then the truck started staggering and I was really afraid I had done something bad to the truck. Yes, I do want to replace it, but no, I don't want to do it in an emergency (more or less) situation. I managed to limp the beast to Menike for service and they did their inspection. The guy came in and told me there was nothing wrong with the muffler. Let me tell you, my heart dropped because I was thinking I'd blown the engine somehow. Then he tells me, the O2 converter had blown out . . . literally. That's where all the engine noise was coming from, plus because it was gone, the engine couldn't regulate how much gas it needed, so it was alternating between too much and too lean. That's why it was running so rough. Whew. It wound up costing me about half what I was expecting and a whole lot less than I was afraid of.

Went to Ellicott City to pick up some t-shirts I had ordered from one of the shops there. I love "The Mountain" T-shirts. I have gotten several compliments for their "Fallen Angel" shirt I picked up a couple of years ago, so I picked up a few more for this year's convention season. Plus the shop I bought them in makes some of the best fudge in the state. Their "Tiger Butter" fudge is outstanding. *nom, nom, nom.*

I did get some writing in today. Spent some time with the Chronicles of the Sea Dragon, adding 1312 words. I had two of my protagonists nearly come to blows tonight. It'll be interesting to see how much pride was bruised over their exchange of words. (*evil writer, evil writer*)

Might have gotten some more done, but I wound up visiting with a good friend that I hadn't talked to for a while. Sometimes, you have to step away from the keyboard for life, and that's O.K., too.

Words for Today

1312 / 1000 words. 131%

Progress on CSD: Dragon Couchant

87894 / 100000 words. 88%

Words for 2008

114294 / 366000 words. 31%
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