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Make-up Day

Well, I wound up getting sick Wednesday night. I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to write pizza off of the list of things I can eat. Period. At first I thought it was just the pepperoni that were getting to me, but now, I think it's the grease that comes with most delivery pizzas. Either way, I can't afford to miss much more work and this time, I was out both Thursday and Friday.

As you can imagine, no words were written Wed night, Thursday or Friday. By Friday evening, I was starting to get back to feeling like myself, but when my regular writing time came, I curled up with a book, read for a few minutes and passed out.

Which brings us to today.

The daughter-unit and a couple of her friends decided they wanted to go shopping at the local mall today. By themselves. Well, I agreed to this up to a point. The daughter-unit had X amount of money to spend (mostly birthday money she'd saved) and I agreed to this jaunt as long as I was "at the mall". They had their cell phones and agreed to contact me every so often, but Dad wouldn't embarrass them by hanging over their shoulder.

So, at 1330, they took off and I checked myself into the local Starbucks, plugged in my computer and got to writing. Four and a half hours later, I had added 4,319 words to Steel on Target, starting to get that story back on schedule. After a quick dinner and folding some laundry, I started working on Chronicles of the Sea Dragon and added 1851 words to that one also in the regular writing session.

Yep, that's right.

6,170 words, which I believe is a personal best for me for one day's worth of writing.

Over dinner, the daughter-unit informed me that her friends were discussing getting together like this next Saturday also and maybe every other weekend after that. Sort of a girl's afternoon out.

Hmmm, 4-6,000 words every other Saturday? I could get used to that. Course, next week, I'll park myself at Panera's. No sense in wearing out my welcome at any one restaurant at the mall too quickly. Just give me a plug and a cup of hot tea and I'm ready to write.

Who knew being a (semi-)chaperon could be so productive?


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