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March = lamb, lion or chameleon?

Short post.

I got back onto the writing treadmill tonight, figuring I better get what I can done on my other stories until I hear something from the licensor regarding the other project. 1028 words later, I'm ready to wrap up for the evening. I finished Chapter Seven and started Chapter Eight for Childhood's Tears and made my final entry for March in the book.

I started out strong, almost 10K words ahead of schedule before I hit the "Ides of March". I made up some of it in the second sprint, but the lack of writing this weekend cut into that cushion and it appears I didn't make much ground over where I was at the end of February.

There'll be more about that when I post my March metrics.

Still, I'm pushing forward, even nights I don't feel like writing (like tonight) and as long as I see the word count meter moving to the right, I'm still pleased with myself. My writing goals were not designed for a sprint, so as long as I'm ahead of pace, I'm still good for the long haul.

One foot in front of the other, one word in front of the other. Long distance running and writing have a lot more in common than you'd think. *grin*

Words for Today

1028 / 1000 words. 103%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

29050 / 90000 words. 32%

Words for 2008

94455 / 366000 words. 26%

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