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Step Two done

Didn't get any writing done this weekend, well nothing on paper anyway.

My collaborator, April and her husband, Mark, came up this weekend, which was a darn good excuse to pull the house together on Friday. Unfortunately, that took more time than I thought it would, but it was time well spent. They came up on Saturday and we went to Elicott City to go shopping. Old Elicott City has a ton of antique stores and specialty shops, which makes it a fun place to windowshop.

One thing in particular I'm wanting to do is set up our new office downstairs in an oriental theme. The interior designer we worked with suggested it when he picked out the paint scheme; said it would be a relaxing motif for working/writing. We only hit a few of the antique stores (we started with the largest one and since Mark had never been there, we spent a couple of hours just there checking out all the various rooms (it's an antique mall over four stories). We did find a nice set of four Japanese screen prints and the dealer gave us a great deal since we bought the set. We're going to have to go back again, though, since we didn't find any other furniture that would compliment what we're already going to be moving into the room.

They had to go back early (unexpected commitments meant they had to be home for Sunday morning), so April and I only had about a half-hour to work on the story. We were working on one of the themes of the book when a plot twist occurred to us . . . one that will affect both sides of the on-going war as well as our main characters. It was such a revelation and it came about from a poem she's writing that the antagonists have regarding the situation. She read her current draft of the poem and *bam*, the answer to one of the questions I still had about the story was right there.

Man, I love "eureka" moments.

I was going to try and write yesterday evening, but we had a friend drop over for a visit. We had a good time and wow, was service fast at dinner, but by the time we wrapped up, I was ready to call it a night.

*bad writer, bad writer*

So . . .

to get to the subject of the title of this blog . . .

I thought I'd check my e-mail this morning before heading to work and there was a letter from the editor for the project I submitted to a while ago. She likes the proposal and needs a bio to submit with it to the licensor. Now, it'll be up to them, but if they like it, I'll be getting a contract soon (at which time, I'll stop being so coy and let you know what I'm doing for real). The manuscript will be due sometime in early 2009, (which sounds like a long time and I intend to be done well before then).

OK, I'm guardedly excited right now.

OH, hell, I'm ecstatic right night, but I'm trying to not get too carried away until I actually sign the contract.

But, I'll be grinning all day.

I wonder, do authors with many books under their belt still get goofy grins whenever they hear one of their projects has been accepted?


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Mar. 31st, 2008 04:30 pm (UTC)
I wonder, do authors with many books under their belt still get goofy grins whenever they hear one of their projects has been accepted?

I look forward to the day when you can tell me!
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