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This is a tad better

The document that wouldn't die at work is now down to the last four pictures I have to regenerate. Did I happen to mention that the original document I'm working from has the captions on these pictures in Ariel 4pt font? Thank God they gave me a .pdf to work from. I'm blowing these pages up to 400% to read them. I know what's happened. They made the pictures and then inserted them into the documents without paying attention to the scale. So, the pictures were downsized to make them fit on 8X11 pages, taking the font down with them.


But, it'll be over tomorrow. I will finish them by lunchtime. And then they're off to someone else to work on for a while.

After I quit on that project for the day, I knocked out two other assignments that had been on hold, so it was a pretty good day at work all the way around.

Took the daughter-unit out for her birthday dinner. She wanted to hit one of the local Japanese restaurants, so wishweaver and I had the hibachi while DU had her Shrimp rolls, shumai, soup and rice. (OK, I had some yellowtail and salmon sushi also, but the hibachi was the main course.) Then, while Wish was in class, I took the daughter out to GameStop and she picked up a couple of video games she'd been drooling over for some time. I think it's safe to say she made out like a bandit for b-day again.

Played some more Xenosaga tonight and then retired to write. Picked up pretty much where I left off last night and added 1657 words to Steel on Target. I'm trying to be careful to walk the fine line between being "too military" where I lose my readers in the jargon and "too civilian" where it doesn't feel like it's a military story. Still, now that we're in Chapter Seven, I'm hoping my readers would be able to follow some of the back and forth of milspeak. (Yes, it is a dialect.)

I'm going to have to spend some time tomorrow night cleaning before my writing partner April and her husband come up on Saturday. We're going to be celebrating Wish's birthday, my daughter's birthday and her husband's birthday Saturday night. Good times should be had by all.

(Just looking at my writing log. If I hadn't lost that week in the middle of the month, odd are I would have gone over 100,000 words for the year tonight. *sigh* I still should finish the month strong though.)

But now, bed and work tomorrow.

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