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This is getting rather old

Or, maybe it's just I'm getting rather old.

Was sick most of the night and wound up sleeping until almost three p.m this afternoon. Well, after nine o'clock it was sleep, hear phone ring, go back to sleep, hear phone ring again, and so forth. Still, I felt better after I woke up and cleaned up. wishweaver accuses me of having a mutant healing power, but its drawback is, I have to be asleep for it to function. Hey, as long as it works, I'm happy.

Still, I need to figure out what I'm eating that's causing this distress. I have plenty of leave at work, but I've used more sickdays in the past two months than I have the past two years. Bleah.

Took the daughter-unit out tonight to do some birthday shopping. Her birthday is tomorrow, but since Wish has class, we thought it would be better to go out as a group tonight a day early. She picked up some stuff she'd wanted, but I was surprised at how many things she looked at and decided to get another time. Not exactly the "birthday spending spree" I had anticipated, but if she's happy, I'm happy.

Did manage to get back on track and get some writing in. I started working on Steel on Target and just wasn't going anywhere with it. Took a break, knocked out a quick fight scene and found out I'd hit 1467 words after all. I normally produce at a fairly steady pace, but tonight it was like turning the faucet off and then back on full blast. Hey, whatever works to get words on paper.

Now, bed and work tomorrow. Yeah, me!

Words for Today

1467 / 1000 words. 147%

Progress on Steel on Target

31497 / 90000 words. 35%

Words for 2008

91770 / 366000 words. 25%
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