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I finally finished the first of two web redesigns I have to do at work. Well, actually, I had finished it at 1030 this morning except for one thing . . . I wanted a nice little rollover that would present a drop down menu to three sub-pages. Sounds simple, right?


I fought this thing six ways from Friday. I wound up with two java programmers at my desk along with me trying to suss out why it worked perfectly on Firefox and not at all on IE. Now, if we had the code all by itself, it worked perfectly but it wouldn't work in the spaghetti code the previous author had left me. (Turns out it was harvested from someone else who wrote it back in 2002, so I have no clue what modifications have been made since then.) We finally fixed all the miscellaneous bugs, copied the appropriate code to all the other pages and finished the web redesign at 4:48. Yep. Almost six and a half hours to add a little piece of code to show a drop down menu consisting of three links.

Methinks there was a better way to do this, but that's the price one pays for going for the elegant solution instead of the simple one.

Got home and after dinner, I got ready to help edit wishweaver's term paper. Of course, the printer took the opportunity to die on us right then. Needless to say, this was an inopportune time for this to happen, especially with only dedicated computer store near us (CompUSA) having gone out of business a few weeks ago. We decided to chance Staples before moving on to the other box stores and as luck would have it, they were having a $50 rebate if you brought in an old HP printer (which we had) and bought a new HP printer (which we did).

That disaster was averted and Wish's paper was edited post-haste. I'll re-edit it tomorrow night and then she'll be done with term papers for this semester at least. It's a pretty good paper on Identity Theft and she's done a good job with her sources as well as explaining some ways to mitigate the damage if it occurs. I think she'll do pretty well with this.

I was afraid I wouldn't feel like or have time to write, but I managed to slip in a little over an hour's worth. Added 1032 words to Childhood's Tears and am getting ready to transition into Act II. At least, that's going relatively well.

Now, I get to get started on two major writing projects at work that I've been putting off to work on the web site. Yippie-skippie.

Oh, and I'm taking the daughter-unit into school tomorrow, so I get to wake up an hour and a half earlier than I usually do. *wheee!*

Words for Tonight

1032 / 1000 words. 103%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

28022 / 90000 words. 31%

Words for 2008

90313 / 366000 words. 25%
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