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Busy night

Today was pretty relaxing for a while. Slept in late, watched TV with the family, found a few restaurants open to pick from for lunch and then played some computer games. Then it was time to get started on the laundry.

That normally isn't much of an adventure for me. Between living at the dorm in college and being in the barracks in the Army, I think I've got this laundry thing down, even if it's a different system than the one that wishweaver uses. However, as usual, pride goes before the fall. I came downstairs, emptied out the dryer, moved the wet clothes into the dryer and put on the next load. All well and good so far. Next trip, I came downstairs and found a dryer full of wet clothes.


I forgot to turn on the dryer.

Well, that put me behind schedule and when all is said and done, there's still ONE small load of clothes waiting to be done tomorrow. One that would have been done if I hadn't messed up with the dryer.


I did get some writing done on Chronicles tonight, adding 1771 words to the story and moving things back off the rabbit trail and onto the main path of my outline. Yeah, it was a bit of a deviation from where I thought I was going with this, but it opens up the depth of the conspiracy against my poor privateers in a way I hadn't thought of when I wrote the initial outline all those years ago.

Or, to quote a famous philosopher and cigar affectionado . . .

"I love it when a plan comes together."

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