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Family Day

Went out for a nice afternoon with the family. After braving the mob at Costco to get gas, we decided to try a new place for lunch today. It was nicely decorated, the service was attentive, and the food was good. The prices are a bit steep, so it's likely to become an "occasional" place, but it was certainly worth the effort to try it out. We've known it was there for years, but it was one of those things we were "going to get around to trying". Well, now we have and it was worth the effort.

Swung by Borders to let the daughter-unit pick up the newest Black Cat manga collection. I saw a few things that looked interesting, but just couldn't pull the trigger. I guess I'm feeling guilty about all the other books on my shelf waiting to be read.

Ran some errands with wishweaver after that and then settled in to watch some TV with the family. Caught an episode of Numbers from the 1st season DVD and then I watched Avatar, the Last Airbender before relinquishing the channel changer so Wish and the daughter-unit could watch Forensic Files and Body of Evidence.

After that, I headed up here, read several agent's blogs that I'm way behind on, responded to a few posts on Absolute Write, checked the responses to the latest Writer Beware blog post and contemplated my next blog entry before settling down to write.

I was thinking I was going to have to rip out part of what I wrote last weekend for Chronicles of the Sea Dragon because I was afraid I'd started down a rabbit trail that was going nowhere. But, I figured, let's wait until I get to the rewrite stage first. No editing during the first draft is one of my rules. Get to the end before letting the inner editor out of his cage. And, 1578 words later, I think I've taken what I thought was going to be an unproductive change to the story outline and have tied it back into where I thought I was going originally. See, I have to keep reminding myself, let the story go and I'll surprise myself how much better the story gets when I'm "writing" it rather than "outlining" it.

Don't get that last statement wrong. I still believe in the initial outline to make sure there IS a story somewhere in there, but I'm not a slave to it. If something better comes along, I'd be stupid to ignore it because I didn't think about it when I wrote the first outline. Like stories, outlines come in many drafts also.

Tomorrow is looking like a laundry and writing day, so I better get some sleep tonight. Night, LJ.

Words for Today

1578 / 1000 words. 158%

Progress on CSD: Dragon Couchant

81477 / 100000 words. 81%

Words for 2008

87510 / 366000 words. 24%♠


( 2 howls — Howl with the Pack )
Mar. 23rd, 2008 03:06 pm (UTC)
First, Happy Easter!!

Second: Hmm, which restaurant did you try? Sounds like you had a productive Saturday though. :)
Mar. 23rd, 2008 05:49 pm (UTC)

It's up at the intersection of 108 and Snowden River Parkway, in that group of buildings behind where the Bennigan's used to be.

We actually stopped at the restaurant that replaced Bennigans, but it's inordinately proud of its food (the cheapest hamburger on the menu was over $9. . . *yikes). I might consider trying it like the day after payday, but for a "let's drop in and grab lunch", it wasn't going to happen.

And, Happy Easter back at you.
( 2 howls — Howl with the Pack )

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