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Aaaugh, how did it get so late?

Busy day at work. Worked on documents, coordinated with developers to get information to expand document, tried to web design only to find out I'm going to have to go to another building tomorrow to reset my password (stupid firewalls) and met with computer technicians to try and work a few bugs out of my system (he'll get back to me -- I'm afraid I stumped the poor man).

Then, wishweaver and I got to spend some quality time at the insurance agent's working on updating our life insurance policies. Ouch and more ouch. I guess I shouldn't complain because we can afford them, but getting updated life insurance when you're just shy of 50 is not a thing for the faint of heart. Took a tad longer than I thought it would, but I think we covered everything, looked at almost all the options and I feel pretty comfortable with how it all worked out.

After Wish retired to her computer to try and finish her term paper on Identity Theft, I intended to get right to working on Steel on Target. Yeah, well, that didn't happen. Apparently I'm not as over the gastro-intestinal what-ever-the-hell I've picked up a few days ago as I had hoped. I was really having doubts that I could get anything written tonight, but about 11pm it started settling down and I managed to knock out 1354 words. Not as much as I had hoped, but more than I thought I'd get considering how I feel.

Is it Friday yet? (looks at the clock) Wow, I guess it is. *yipes*

Words for Today

1354 / 1000 words. 135%

Progress on Steel on Target

30030 / 90000 words. 33%

Words for 2008

85932 / 366000 words. 23%


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Mar. 21st, 2008 09:36 pm (UTC)
Um, excuse me, but some of us are just over 40, thanks. :-p
Mar. 22nd, 2008 06:40 am (UTC)
I,of course, was referring to myself.

I certainly would not like to cast any doubts about your youth.

You, whippersnapper, you
( 2 howls — Howl with the Pack )

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