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An actually productive day

I was a little concerned when I went into work today given my general malaise about everything that happened yesterday. However, I got a good start on one of my projects and have someone going through one of the sections to give it a sanity check as well as pointing out areas where illustrations/screen shots would be useful. Also, I got into one of the web sites I'm maintaining and edited four of the eleven pages I need to rewrite. I am hoping I'll have this web site done no later than Friday next week, because I can see a few major projects barreling at me that'll have to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Especially a paper that's going to wind up somewhere between 50 and 100 pages in length and odd are, we're going to have to write it from scratch.

Yep, that'll be fun.

Still, it was nice to see things actually flowing at work and both Microsoft Word and Dreamweaver behaved for me today. Go me.

Working on my military SF story tonight. Finished Chapter Six of Steel on Target and got started on Chapter Seven for a total of 1423 words tonight. I may not be writing "every" night, but at least I seem to be coming in well over my goal of 1000 words a night when I do write. I'll take my victories where I can.


Words for Today

1423 / 1000 words. 142%

Progress on Steel on Target

28676 / 90000 words. 32% done!

Words for 2008

84578 / 366000 words. 23%

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