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Now, this makes writing fun

I didn't get a whole lot done at work today. Just couldn't seem to pull the trigger and get "going". I piddled around with some stuff and had another major assignment dropped in my lap (and I still haven't finished the sixteen tasks on my current list yet.

Anyway, I came home and started putzing around with Library Thing, adding in some of the books I have piled up in here while we're waiting for the library to be built downstairs. (I'm writing from the guest bedroom currently.) All of a sudden, I realize, someone's buzzing me on Skype. I glanced down at the clock as I'm scrambling for my headphones and realize it's time for my weekly call from April to discuss Shattered Mirror.

We reviewed the four pages I had done so far and she had some good suggestions on how I could improve one of the sections. Then we started just brainstorming . . . should this character be more upset with what's going on? When is this character going to step forward and show some leadership? How long will this specific scene last before we move to the next encounter they need to get to? Stuff like that, only the ideas kept flowing and we kept coming up with "the reasons why things were like they were".

It was like a bolt of lightning hit the computers. We're going to have to go back and re-write some stuff in the first couple of chapters (like that's a big surprise, right), but now we know what the bad guys are doing. OK, we knew what the bad guys were doing and what their ultimate goals are, but now we know what they're doing and why they're doing it the way they are. We've also added in a new scene and will be introducing a new supporting character who's taking on a great deal more importance than when we first envisioned this person four months ago.

At first, she was important (with a small "i") as she served to move a few plot points forward. Now, after our conversation tonight, she's IMPORTANT and not only does she move the plot forward, she's demanding more screen time.

This is where collaborating with the right person is fun. We started out just talking about a few scene fixes and now we've added another sub-plot to the story and we just built on each other's excitement as we kicked ideas around. The fun part about working with April is, even though sometimes our approaches to this story are almost diametrically opposed, we talk over all the ideas we get and we're not afraid to try "goofy stuff", because sometimes that leads to the best ideas. We've also been friends since 1988, so we're not afraid to be honest with each other either. Also, I'm noticing she's gotten a lot less defensive about her writing the longer we've worked on this project, which shows me how much she's growing as a writer (or else, I'm getting a lot better at knowing how to critique . . . nah).

Unlike work, NOW I'm energized to work on Shattered Mirror.

But, I promised myself I'd stick to my schedule, so Shattered Mirror will have to wait for Friday. I pulled out Childhood's Tears and knocked out 1164 words in about an hour. I'm enjoying where this story is going also. I'm not exactly following the original chapter layout, but I'm close and the rabbit trails have been leading back to the main path so I'm happy.

Now, a little more reading and then bed.

Words for Today

1164 / 1000 words. 116%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

26990 / 90000 words. 30%

Words for 2008

83115 / 366000 words. 23%
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