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Talked to Steve Roman about our upcoming trip to San Diego. We have a great location in the Small Press area right across from the guys from Oni Press. We talked about what each of us was bringing for the table as well as his current writing projects (both novel and comic-related). Hopefully, both of us will have some good news I can post here after our trip, but I'll save it for now, to keep from jinxing it. All I can say is, keep your fingers crossed for us.

Apparently they're finally putting a new comic convention into the Javits Center in New York next February. Steve's already secured a booth in the small press section and I'll be manning the second chair at the booth there too. The great part is, the people who put on Book Expo America are the people sponsoring the New York ComiCon. After all the good reports I've been reading at the forums at
Absolute Write and other places about how well BEA went, I'm really encouraged this comic convention should go over well.

I also got a note from my editor at ibooks, inc. that they're in the middle of changing distributors, so my Gauntlet: Dark Legacy book will be delayed until this fall instead of having an August release. Sigh! Oh well, no sense worrying about things out of my control. I found out from Steve that Byron will be at San Diego, so I'll finally get to meet him.

I wrote another 1338 words on Harbinger tonight, as well as spending a little more time with Reconquesta working on the plot and deciding where I wanted the story to go. I'm still kicking around several ideas within the main idea, but I've got plenty of time to mess with this one, since I'm just about halfway through with Harbinger.

Had another person read through Coventry this weekend. They had several good questions about the story as well as spotting a few grammar/punctuation errors I'd made. I swear, I've looked this thing over until I'm going cross eyed, and I'm still missing those little nitnoid errors that just annoy the heck out of me when I'm editing other people's stuff at work. Why is it so easy to spot stuff in other people's manuscripts and then miss them in my own? Why are they always so obvious when the other person points them out to me also? GRRR!

Oh well, as long as I'm seeing progress in these projects, I'm happy, even if I do occasionally get frustrated at myself.

Current Harbinger status:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
66,462 / 125,000

Music listened to: Larry Carlton - Fingerprints

Web Site of Note: Final Destination 4: Dead Man's Hand by Steven A. Roman. I've known Steve for almost 14 years now and have followed him from writing/publishing small press comics to working as a professional editor at a New York publishing house to now being a freelance writer. Some of his earlier work can still be found on Amazon, to include
The Chaos Engine
Trilogy set in the X-men Universe. Definitely check out his work!

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