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We had a great time celebrating wishweaver's birthday today. After we took care of some errands we had to run this morning, the daughter-unit and I took her out to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants for lunch. After that, we swung by the mall and went on a small shopping spree for her. I think she enjoyed picking out her gifts as much as she enjoyed getting them. *grin*

Afterward, we came home and she and the daughter-unit watched a couple of disks worth of Numb3rs, which the daughter-unit had picked up while we were out today. I watched a few episodes, but I can't watch the same series over and over for hours at a shot like they can. I will watch all the episodes eventually, but two or three eps at a time.

Been trying to get some writing done, but I'm not "feeling" it tonight. It took me until almost midnight to get going and I'm only 566 words into the story tonight. I think I'm going to hit the sack and hopefully I'll get going tomorrow.

Maybe I'm as birthday-ed out as Wish was before she went to bed. *grin*

Words for today

566 / 1000 words. 57%

Progress on CSD: Dragon Couchant

77160 / 100000 words. 77%

Words for 2008

78175 / 366000 words. 21%
Tags: birthdays, chronicles of the sea dragon, family, writing

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