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A different kind of writing

Well, I've been typing for about three hours now, but I haven't made a dent in any of my current WIPs. Instead, I had to finish up a report for Writer Beware that was due tomorrow. I wanted to get it done tonight, so if there are any changes/corrections/suggestions for it, I will have the weekend (hopefully) to get it done.

So, yes, there were words, but they were all non-fiction.

Hopefully, very soon, I'll be able to talk more about this particular project, but as I'm finding out in my role as Writer Beware Apprentice, there's as much "behind the scenes" stuff as there is doing the blog, attending conventions and conferences and corresponding directly with writers who have questions about X agency or Y publishing company.

Then again, ask Dorothy Deering or Martha Ivery if Writer Beware is effective. *evil grin*


Words for Today

3023 / 1000 words. 302%

Words for 2008

76096 / 366000 words. 21%
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