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Highs and Lows

Wound up staying home today. Felt bad this morning and since wishweaver was going to be home also, I thought it would be good to hang around in case she needed anything. She spent most of the day finishing up her mid-term, so there wasn't a lot of "together" time, but we enjoyed a nice lunch while we were out running a few errands.

As I'm sure many of you have heard by now, E. Gary Gygax has passed away today. For those of us who're long-time gamers, like the man or dislike him, everyone had to admit the man knew how to market the hell out of D&D, Dragon Magazine, TSR and everything else he was involved in. I never had a chance to meet Gary, but I have met Dave Arneson (his co-creator) and I know their game cost me a lot of sleep and time while I was in college and in the Army. I think there's probably a cause and effect between the game and my decision to pursue a degree in Medieval History.

Rich Burlew posted a great tribute to Gary here. Go read it. If you're a gamer, you'll really get it. If you're not a gamer, you'll appreciate the passion in the strip.

On a good note, though, I more than made up for my brain-deadedness (is that a word? Damnmit, it should be.) by hitting 2950 words on Childhood's Tears tonight. While Wish was downstairs working on her midterm, I was up here typing away to my heart's content, accompanied by either Jimmy (our big black cat) or Crookshanks (the youngest male tabby). It made for some interesting typing, especially when Jimmy would decide I had ignored him long enough and would reach out with a paw and drape it across one of my arms . . . just enough to get my attention without looking like he was begging. You know, one of those, "oh, since you're here, would you mind scratching my belly? That's it, be a good sport."

At least they didn't try walking across my keyboard. (Wish notes, "Yet.")

So, the question is, will it be feast or famine tomorrow night? Stay tuned.

Words for Today

2950 / 1000 words. 295%

Progress on Childhood's Tears

24799 / 90000 words. 28%

Words for 2008

71752 / 366000 words. 20%
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