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I find it hilarious (and not in a good way) that Marc Zicree (one of the people behind the Star Trek: Worlds Enough and Time kerfluffle) sent me a letter today asking for my support for their movie for the Nebulas. (Edit, now that I think about it, it's probably part of a spam that's going to the entire SFWA mailing list, but it's still bizarre.)

It's obvious he didn't read the SFWA LJ entries where I posted my absolute opposition to his movie even being nominated in the first place.

And, from all the things they mentioned in the letter, if accurate and I see no reason why they're not, CBS/Paramount has a great case for trademark and copyright infringement given how many people made money off of this movie.

In fact, if Paramount doesn't do something, I think there's a great case for Trademark abandonment waiting to happen. They admit that Paramount gave them a a wink and a nod (but no license) for their movie, so even though they're not "selling" the movie, people are making money off of acting in it, writing for it and in production. The only thing they lack so far is charging for admission.

OK, I'm going to stop now, my blood pressure is already rising more than I need in the morning.

Let's just say, I think this helps me decide who to vote for on the Nebulas . . . *insert evil grin*
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