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A tale of two evenings

I should have known yesterday was too good.

I went into work today and spent seven and a half of the eight hours I was there fighting those damn documents again. I finished the first go round with the huge document and sent it back to the person I got it from for comments. I know there were close to twenty comments left for him (I guess the Track Changes function is useful for something) and I'll be curious to get his response. I opened the other document and it's formatting was even worse. So, I said the hell with it and just created a brand new document with new formatting and then cut and pasted the information in. Luckily for me, it was only about 24 pages long, but it was still a pain in my . . . neck. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Got home and was reminded that we had to meet with the accountant tonight to do our taxes. I had to dig out all the receipts for 2007 for conventions I attended and bills for conventions I had to cancel out on. That killed the early evening. Yes, I know, I should have prepped ahead of time, but my public has come to count on my lack of preparation to amuse them. At least things went well there. We just have to drop off one piece of info tomorrow and he should be able to have our information ready to send to Uncle Sam and Uncle Martin here soon.

Got home and then got buzzed on-line by two friends I hadn't talked to in over a year, so I really felt like I should spend a little time with them. Well, keeping track of time has never been one of my strong suits and here we are at 0015 on the 4th with a whole 94 words written. Feh, I'll just save them and count them toward tomorrow's total.

What was it I said a while back about it's a good thing to have a cushion?

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